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Create a customizable CMS for your existing RESTful API.
Integrate with your existing RESTful APIs
Canner minimizes your effort connecting CMS to existing RESTful APIs. We knew that RESTful APIs come with different implementations, with Canner simply specifying your URI resources and how the query arguments should be passed, you are good to go.
Authorization protection
You may wonder how Canner protects your RESTful APIs. Canner and your RESTful API server will share the same secret key. Every request sent from Canner will bring a signed JWT token, including user identities in the payload. Hence, you can protect your resource by verifying the tokens.
Relationship supported
In RESTful APIs, it’s common that relationships between the resources are expressed via IDs that are pointing to the related items. By specifying the relationships in Canner schema, we automatically fetch the nested resource with IDs in the response.
Abundant component choices for all datatypes
When you define Canner schema which corresponds to your RESTful APIs resources, you can also choose the UI component to display the data. We provide abundant components for all kinds of datatypes.

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