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Prisma CMS
Create a customizable CMS for your Prisma to connect MySQL and PostgreSQL with Canner.
Connect to any database
Canner leverage the power of Prisma GraphQL to build server to many database, now our CMS supports MySQL, PostgreSQL, and more.
Seamless integration with Prisma
Canner integrates perfectly with Prisma. In Canner CMS, we design our graphql interface highly compliant with Prisma graphql interface. In other words, it's easy to call Prisma APIs from Canner.
Abundant component choices for all datatypes
All the datatypes you can use with Prisma, we support them at Canner. Even more, we provide abundant component you can choose to display your data, no matter what kind of datatype the field is.
Relationship supported
Prisma let you define data relationship easily with graphql model file. With Canner, you can also display Prisma's relationship data on CMS. Queries including relation field query, relation filter, and nested mutation are also natively supported.
Open source community
At Canner, we know how important open-source means to developers. Just like Prisma and Apollo, we open-source our CMS to anyone who's interested to integrate it with their own service and grow with our community.

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