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Canner made CMS Simple
Canner is the most flexible and extendable CMS framework that you can use it to build CMS for any applications and data sources.
Support Servers & Interfaces
GraphQL is one of most widely adopt interface in many companies, Canner can build customize adapters and resolvers to connect to your GraphQL servers.
Using Prisma as your GraphQL server? Prisma is a performant open-source GraphQL ORM-like* layer with Canner you can do any graphQL CMS within minutes.
Already have your Restful API up and running? Canner can build customize API interface to connect to your RESTful API services.
Support Database & Services
Any cloud infrastructures
Canner is an agnostic CMS framework for any data sources and data infrastructure, that you could use it in single or multiple cloud services.
Hybrid cloud
Canner's CMS allows you to build CMS for hybrid clouds, it's easily to setup a CMS infrastructure that host data in private and public clouds in the same time.
Multiple private clouds
Database infrastructure can sometime really complex in companies, using Canner you can manage multiple private cloud easily.
Multiple public clouds
Sometime you might want to use Firebase deal with realtime data, and using AWS as your public cloud infrastructure, with Canner you can manage them together.
More and more companies select Backend-as-a-Service as their primary data storage platform, our CMS integrate with most BaaS platform seamlessly
Powerful schema
Canner's schema is the most powerful tool enables developers to construct CMS for any use cases

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