Canner helps company grow their business
We built CMS for years, let us help you to build a sustainable and reliable for you and your customers.
Customized CMS component and styles
We follow companies style guides and design perfect UI/UX CMS components for different requirements.
Customized databases and APIs
Companies mostly have their existing backend services and APIs, we help companies to integrate our CMS into their system.
Private cloud and services
Setup CMS in private cloud can be complex, we help companies to migrate and integrate CMS into their services or private hosting.

We grow your business

Your dedicated Account Manager and Technical Expert with you every step of the way. Phone, email, chat.
Dedicated Infrastructure
Our Technical Experts will setup Dedicated Infrastructure for your organization in our Managed Clusters to eliminate noisy neighbor effects.
Consulting Service & Training
We provide professional consulting support and training classes to help companies use Canner in your business.
Private Slack Group
You will be in direct contact with our Engineers and Customer Success Specialists.

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